Wellness Done Right

Doctors have been telling their patients to eat better and exercise more for decades - and it hasn't worked. That's why we've partnered with your Doctor to bring you a comprehensive system that WORKS.

Executive Service

You've worked hard to enjoy the best. Your wellness care should be no exception. With YouMD you'll receive the concierge attention that executives deserve with a personal coach along side your Doctor.

Custom YouPrint™

State of the art body measuring technology helps us optimize your personal plan to health with a completely personalized fitness, nutrition and supplement program designed specifically for you and your goals.

"I feel better than ever. At my age, I would have never dreamed I'd be having this much fun." Shannon H - Lake Norman, NC

"I've tried so many programs that haven't worked. Finally, YouMD has helped me get my health on track. My Doctor is rather pleased with the results, and so is my wife ;) " Stan M - Charlotte, NC

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure if I'll be able to stick to this program. Am I good candidate?

We would love to say yes - but, we select only the most committed candidates upon your Doctor's referral. If you don't feel like you are "all in" we'd recommend reflecting on why you are hesitant and then checking back with us when you are 100% on board. Our program is exceedingly effective - but only when YOU are fully committed.

How often will I see my Coach?

Every week, you'll have an appointment to get your body scan using our state of the art VFit scanner. Your Coach is also available to you 24/7 to guide you as your progress along your Youprint.

Do I need a prescription from my Doctor?

You do not need a prescription, but currently we require all of our members to also have a membership with our MDVIP partner.

Ask Your Doctor If Diet and Exercise are Right for You

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